Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuxie Tuesday: Loading

Hello all!  Dragonheart here.  So today the movers are at our house again, this time they are loading.  Once again, our dad is there, as he needs to check off the boxes on a list as they load them onto the truck, and our mom is here with us at the hotel.

As you can see, I am enjoying getting some of my Sphynx oil on the nice white bedsheets on the hotel bed.  But I also have my nice blanket from home to burrow underneath, and you can see Merlin's special fleece blanket in the corner of the photo.  It's a little out of focus - sorry about that!

Here are two digital scrapbook pages our mom made, one about selling our old house and one about buying our new one!

Made with House & Home by Clever Monkey Graphics

Made with House & Home by Clever Monkey Graphics
Interested in a digital scrapbook page?  Check out the information here.  This will help pay for Dragonheart's CT scan, which is not covered by pet insurance.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Movers on Monday

So, the movers are at our house, packing up our things, and we are in a hotel.  Our mom is with us in the hotel at the moment, and our dad is at the house with the movers.

We have a suite at a hotel, so there is lots to explore!  Not as much room as at home, of course, but at least we aren't confined to a small space.

Merlin and Devi checking out the fridge

Dragonheart in the window
Friday we drive to our new city, where we will be living in another hotel for a while.

Interested in a digital scrapbook page?  Check out the information here.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Caturday Art: Merlin

Merlin here!  I am very happy that my daddy is home!  I slept curled up under his chin last night.  I love my daddy so much!

This week for Caturday Art with Athena, we have a digital scrapbook page that my mom made of me!

Made with: Making Memories by LorieM Designs
My mom is a little worried about me right now, because there was quite a lot of bright red blood in my stool yesterday.  But she knows that is going to happen due to my cancer.  We are just enjoying all the time we have left together.  Tomorrow we move into a hotel and we'll be in hotels until October 14th at the very least.  We have no idea what kind of internet we'll have in the hotels, but we will try to keep posting!

Interested in a digital scrapbook page?  Check out the information here.

Flying Frootbat Friday

Hello all!  Devi here!  We are excited today because our dad comes home tonight!  Yay!  And we won't be separated any longer, except for short trips he'll have to make in his new position.

Sunday we move into a hotel again, and then we'll be in hotels until October 14th, at the very least, because the closing date on our new home in our new city is October 13th.  The boys have lived in hotels for that long before, when they moved from Germany back to Canada.  We don't think I've ever done that, so it will be a new experience for me!

So some of you read on Merlin's Facebook page that we might be getting a new sister in the new year.  Yes, it's true.  You see, before I came along, when the boys weren't blogging any more, they had a little sister named Arwen.  We haven't talked about her yet because our mom still gets really teary eyed thinking about her.  You see, they lost Arwen when she was 2.5 years old, in January 2015, to Feline Infectious Peritonitis.  But Arwen came from a very good breeder who has a health guarantee on all her kittens for five years, and after she removed Arwen's parents from her breeding lines, she offered up a new kitten whenever our humans were ready.  Well, before that happened, our humans met me, a Sphynx in need of a new home, and so they rescued me.  Of course, the offer for the new kitten was still open.  We were going to get a new little sister in November of this year, but the litter that the breeder had that would have been 4 months old in November didn't have any tortoiseshells or calicos in it, and our mom is holding out for one of those, don't ask me why!  The breeder anticipates some torties or calicos in her next litter, though, and the kittens from that litter would be old enough in January to come to their new homes, so that's when we might get a new family member.  Another Sphynx, because our dad is allergic to furred cats.

This was Arwen:

We will post more about her sometime when our mom can afford to get very weepy and teary-eyed.  She was a very special little girl.  You can read some of her story here.  Our mom is already crying just writing this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuxie Tuesday: Mom's Home

Hello friends!  Dragonheart here.  I am happy today because our mom is back home from the Army Run.  Our dad is still in our new city this week, but he'll be home on Friday, and then all of us move into a hotel on Sunday!  The vet student who was looking after us was very nice, and made sure we all took our medication, but she was not as nice as our mom and dad.  For those who asked:  we currently live in a city with a Veterinary College, and a number of vet students have created a business where they do pet sitting.  It's a pretty good setup, and we have always been very well looked after by the vet students.

Our mom and dad had a good weekend at the Army Run, although our mom is a little disappointed that the race photographers didn't get any good photos of her and our dad on the course.  She likes having photos to make digital scrapbook pages with.

Interested in a digital scrapbook page?  Check out the information here.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Frootbat Friday: We are not amused

Hello friends.  So, we are not amused.  Our humans are once again abandoning us.  Okay, so they aren't really, but they are going away for the weekend, to run something called the Army Run.   To be fair, it is for two good causes: Soldier On and the Military Families Fund – two official funds of the Canadian Armed Forces that provide assistance to ill and injured soldiers and military families in need.

We have a veterinary student coming to look after us, so we will be well taken care of, but we still prefer having our mom and dad home.  Especially since dad has been gone all week, working in the city we are moving to soon.

So, we are not amused.  We will be back to posting on Tuesday, friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday: The Kindness of Strangers

Merlin here!  Despite the fact that I have cancer, I am a very thankful Sphynx.  In addition to my wonderful family, I have a lot of people, many of whom I've never met, thinking about me, supporting me, purring for me, and praying for me.  Most of you, my blogging friends, I only know virtually, but you mean a lot to me and my family.

Here I am with a beautiful blanket that was made for me from one of those groups of people on the internet who care about me and are giving me all the purrs, prayers, and positive thoughts that they have.

 It's a fleece blanket, so of course I love it!

Dragonheart and Devi have also curled up under it, but it was made especially for me.  I like that it has a camouflage pattern on one side, so I can be like my dad!  The yellow on the other side is bright and cheery.

Thank you to the wonderful Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeers who provided me with this blanket.

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