Monday, August 22, 2016

Mancat Meezer Monday: Merlin

Hello friends!  Merlin here.  Life is very strange at the moment.  We are currently confined to the Master bedroom and ensuite while some people called "painters" are here working downstairs.  We aren't very pleased with this situation.  We do have our mom and dad keeping us company, so that's something at least.

For Mancat Monday, I have some photos of me enjoying some wonderful valerian-infused toys that our wonderful friends at Pikku Punapippuri sent to us!  We have't had any valerian since we left Germany in 2010.  Many thanks to Äiti, King Punapippuri, Veikko, and Seppo for the wonderful toys!  We greatly appreciate them.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have already seen these photos, but, due to the "painters" we don't have access to the other photos of us enjoying the toys at the moment.

Once again, many thanks to King P and the rest of the gang at Pikku Punapippuri, and of course, Äiti, the one with the thumbs who is able to mail stuff.  As you can see, we love the valerian!  It is even better than catnip we think!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Caturday Art: Devi

Hello all!  Devi here!  This week for Caturday Art with Athena, we present a photo of me that was manipulated with the Waterlogue app.

I am the star of this week's Caturday Art because I finally have the results of my skin biopsies to report!  It is a good thing we did the biopsies.  It turns out my lesions as eosinophilic granulomas.  It sounds scary, but it's not cancer!  The lesions are actually called plaques.

To quote from PetMD:
Eosinophilic refers to eosinophils, a type of white-blood cell usually involved in allergic responses. Granuloma is a large inflammatory nodule or solid mass.

Eosinophilic plaque is circumscribed, raised, round-to-oval lesions that frequently are ulcerated and usually appear on the abdomen or thighs. The lesions contain a type of white blood cell called an eosinophil and usually affect cats in the two to six year age range.
As eosinophilic plaques can often be caused by allergies, I am going to continue on the hypoallergenic diet for now.  I am also going to start a course of corticosteroids for 10 days, which usually clears up the lesions, although they can recur. 

My mom and dad are a little worried about whether or not I'm going to take my medication easily, as I absolutely hate being restrained, and the only real option for corticosteroids is pills.  Hopefully I will take them without too much trouble and they will clear everything up.

Thank you all again for your purrs, prayers, and positive thoughts.  We greatly appreciate them!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fabulous Frootbat Friday

Merlin here!  Today is fabulous because our mom has finished her master's degree!  She now has completed all the requirements for her Master's of Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics.  Congratulations mom!  Her convocation isn't until November, so that's when she'll actually receive her parchment, but her degree is completed, and her program director has sent a letter off to the College of Dietitians of Ontario telling them that she's met all the requirements to be registered as a dietitian in Ontario.

Today is also fabulous because this means we will have a little bit of time to visit with our friends.  Not a lot, because our mom and dad still have the get the house ready for painting, which starts bright and early Monday morning, but some time.  I mean, they can't be tidying and cleaning the house every second of the day, right?

Have a great day, friends!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Dragonheart here!  Just providing a quick update on how things are going at our house.

Our mom is super busy with the last week of her graduate program.  Our dad is busy doing his out-clearance, since he'll be taking the next couple of weeks off as we get the house ready to sell, and then he has to report for his new position the day after Labour Day, so we'll be separated from him again for a bit, but this time it will only be a few weeks.

Devi's stitches have dissolved, so her cone of shame has been removed, which has her very happy!  We are still waiting to hear back from the vet about the biopsy results.  We do know that she does not have skin cancer, which is a very good thing, but we are waiting for more detailed results as to whether there is anything else going on.  We have almost finished the transition to the hypoallergenic food, and she still has new lesions appearing on her skin, but she may need to be completely on the diet for a while before we notice any difference.

Merlin continues to do great!  He'll have his 9th birthday in a couple of weeks (September 2nd!)  We are hopeful that he will be with us to celebrate that big day!

I'm doing fine.  My gum hyperplasia is still there, but it doesn't appear to be bothering me too much, and I'm still eating and drinking.  Our pet insurance will not cover the full cost of the CT scan, so since money will be tight until we sell our house, our mom is doing to offer her services as a digital scrapbook layout artist for those who are interested.  Of course, that will have to wait until her graduate degree is done and we've finished with all the house stuff, because she wants to provide timely service.

Finally, here is a photo of my toes for Toesday.  Excuse the dirt, but with everything going on, our mom and dad haven't wanted to add to the stress with baths.

Dragonheart's toes

Thanks again to all our friends.  We will be back to visiting when all this chaos is finished!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Frootbat Friday: Dragonheart

Dragonheart here again.

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and words yesterday.  Here I am hanging out on the router after I returned home from the vet.  My mom had to work on her research, and the router is right next to the computer, so this allowed me to be close to her.

So the good news is that because the mass in my mouth is benign (non-cancerous), there is no rush to take it out, and the only reason we need to take it out is that it seems to bother me - I seem to be chewing on it, which causes pain and bleeding.

Gum hyperplasia like this normally doesn't recur in cats, but my regular primary care vet has now removed it twice, and it has come back.  So we don't know exactly why or what's going on.

The specialist basically suggested two options:  1.  do a CT scan, to see if that can tell us anything about what's going on that they can't see on x-rays.  2.  watch and wait, and see what happens - if the mass goes back to causing me pain, or if it causes me to stop eating or drinking, or if my behaviour changes in any other way.

Since my mom is finishing up her grad degree, and both my mom and dad are getting the house ready to be put on the market, and then we are all going in to a hotel for a while, and then we are moving, we are opting for 2 right now - watch and wait.  Once our move is completed, and we have settled in and recovered from the stress, we will get the CT scan done.  The timing just isn't very good right now for anything else, given that this isn't an emergency.  If it was something that needed to be taken care of right away (i.e. if the mass was cancerous), then we would take immediate action.  But since it isn't (and it's been biopsied twice, with both biopsies coming back as benign), the vet thinks we are find just watching and waiting.

So that's where things stand.  Not ideal, but hopefully the mass won't bother me too much in the next little while.  We are also still waiting for word on the results of Devi's skin biopsy.  She's now eating the hypoallergenic food, so that's good, but no real change in her skin yet.  But we haven't completely transitioned to the new food yet, so that's certainly a factor.

Thanks again everyone.  We will be back to visiting and posting more once all this craziness is over!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Trip to the Vet

Hello friends.  Dragonheart here.  I am at the specialist vet today for a consult about my gum hyperplasia.  We are lucky to have one of the top veterinary colleges in the world here, which we are definitely going to miss when we move. But hopefully we won't need to see any more specialists after this!

My mom and I met with the specialist this morning, and the initial news is sadly not very good.  The location in my mouth where I have the gum hyperplasia is typically problematic in cats.  That is, when they do aggressive surgery in that area in cats, we typically don't return to eating afterwards and need to be on feeding tubes.  That obviously isn't great for quality of life.

That said, the specialist wants to take a look in my mouth with a surgeon present, so right now we are just waiting for the surgeon to be available.  We will update you when we have more news.

Thank you again for your purrs, prayers, and positive thoughts.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Happy International Cat Day!

We hope all our friends have a wonderful International Cat Day!

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